Session 3 – Animal Sounds

The third session’s main objective is to give the children an opportunity to refine their use of the Bee-Bot, while they discover how the use of a digital microphone can be loads of fun. During the session the children will be introduced with farm animals and their respective sounds. Some animlas the children might be familiar with but others may be more challenging for them. The Bee-Bot is used in an activity where the children are to match the sound to the respective picture whilst the microphone is used for the children to record their own voice mimicing the animals.

Listen to Iz-zunzana ddur iddur

Session delivery date:
St. Thomas More Zejtun Primary A – Friday 18th February 2011
St. Clare Pembroke Primary C – Wednesday 23rd   February 2011

Click here to download the Session 3 Lesson Note Topic: Animal Sounds.

Resources for the session are available for download:

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