Session 7 – Life Cycle of a Flower

The session’s main objective is to give the children an opportunity to have a closer look at the beauty of nature and use a digital microscope that can help us see things that are usually not visible to the naked eye. During the session the children will have the opportunity to understand how a plant grows from a little seed to a fully grown flower. The Bee-Bot is used during an activity where the children are to put in a logical sequence pictures depicting the life cycle of a flower. The microscope is also used during this session to encourage children to investigate closely different kind of flowers, leaves, etc.

View a video capture shot by the children
using the Easi-scope digital microscope.

Session delivery date:
St. Clare Pembroke Primary C – Tuesday 15th March 2011
St. Thomas More Zejtun Primary A – Thursday 17th March 2011

Click here to download the Session 7 Lesson Note Topic: Life Cycle of a Flower.

Resources for the session are available for download:

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