Session 8 – Physical Education (Nos 1-5)


The eighth session sees the children involved in physical activity.  The session starts off with some stretching exercises linked to the previous session of growing a flower.  The session is also linked to the concept covered in Session 2 where the children were involved in a number recognition exercise.  Here these concepts are reinforced through different activities as children learn through play and games.  Learning is fun and one can also evaluate what has been learnt as to programming.  Children will instinctively try and guess the mysterious number “the bee” child knows and by following the programming of the Bee-Bot they can tell on which number the robot will land.  Here the mental visualisation of the series of actions that have been programmed by their classmate come into play.

Session delivery date:
St. Clare Pembroke Primary C – Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Click here to download the Session 8 Lesson Note Kinder2 .

Resources for the session are available for download:

Session 8

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