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Session 9: Physical Education (Products)

The ninth session serves as a round up for the activities covered in previous sessions. The children are once again involved in physical activity, however this time the activity focuses on animal products, topic that was covered in Session 5. Here the concepts are reinforced through different activities as children learn through play and games. Since, during session 7, children learnt about the life-cycle of a plant, we thought of reinforcing also the concepts learnt during this session by taking the children to Buskett. The Bee-Bots will also join the children during this outing. The children will thus have the opportunity to see various trees, plants and flowers, observe closely the nature around them and also do some physical exercise.

Session delivery date:
St. Clare Pembroke Primary C – Wednesday 30th March 2011
St. Thomas More Zejtun Primary A – Friday 1st April 2011

Click here to download the Session 9 Lesson Note.

Resources for the session are available for download: