The Project

Children at St. Thomas More Zejtun Primary A and St Claire’s Pembroke Primary school are having a buzz of a time learning lots of interesting things with their Bee-Bots. These two schools are taking part in a pilot project aimed at helping children master curriculum content with the help of Bee-Bots. Along with the Bee-Bots children also have the opportunity to handle various other technological apparatus such as Easi-Speak, Talking Books, Tuff Cams etc. But what’s this project all about?

The Project

At the beginning of this year the ELearning Centre has distributed 2 Bee-Bots to every school that caters for children aged between 3 to 7 year old. Along with the Bee-Bots, schools were also given a book packed with teaching ideas to help teachers get started. Two support teachers, Ms. Miriam Farrugia Grech and Ms. Christine Cachia Enriquez,  have thought of setting up a pilot project aimed at helping teachers integrate Bee-Bots in their every day teaching. Year 1 children attending St. Thomas More Zejtun Primary A and Kindergarten 2 children attending St. Claire’s Pembroke Primary school seem to have welcomed this idea gladly! Not only children but also their teachers. The project kicked off in February 2011 and will last till the end of March.

How is the Project set-up?

The project aims at helping teachers understand better the educational potential of using Bee-Bots as a teaching and learning tool. After consultation with all the teachers involved in this project a common topic, Animals, was chosen. The support teachers created  a set of ten lessons around this topic, lessons aimed at enhancing learning through the use of Bee-Bots, Tuff Cams, Talking Books etc. All the resources (Lessons plans, PowerPoint presentations, flash-cards, on-screens and desk activities) are prepared by the support teachers and lessons are being delivered once a week. The class teacher thus has the opportunity to follow the lesson along with the class allowing him/her to understand better how these floor robots could be beneficial for children during their learning process.

This would also help the teacher later on when, by the end of the project, she/he is asked to draw up and deliver a lesson to the class making use of Bee-Bots and other resources to help children master better the lesson’s objectives.  Moreover,the participating teachers along with the help of the support teachers will set up a ‘mini’ concert aimed at helping children summarise what they have learnt about Animals during these ten lessons.

All the ten lessons along with the resources are uploaded on this blog and are available for download. The lesson that will be developed by the participating teachers will eventually be uploaded and available for download after the end of March.